About Me:

I am a graphic design student who comes from China. I considered graphic design as a public platform, not only for utilitarian communication, but also for authorship and self-expression. I found myself facing the strange concept of a vast space and the new language of learning. Over the duration of my study at GSA, I concentrated my work on social issues, including Cyber Sexual Harassment and Collecting as well as discovering social development issues is part of my big changes in the past two years.

The change of women's rights in the course of social development is my focus. I developed a major project around this topic during my master year . I want to use the method of image transmission to arouse the concerns of gender differences and gender discrimination in real life and strive for women's right to speak in cyber life. Also, the background of life give me different insights into many social phenomena and issues.

Compared to the media , I previously focus on print-based design. During the GSA study, I found myself indulging in printing methods, especially some printmaking . Handmade printing will always create some unexpected results at the end. This also gave me inspiration for future creation and spark my interest in digging deeper into this field.