Cyber Sexual Harassment

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Folding binding
Riso Printed


Cyber sexual harassment is a topic that is extremely common but generally ignored by the wider public. It may seem easy to dismiss as something relatively harmless and without consequence, but the feeling of disgust when experiencing harassment is indeed true. The four booklets draw on four real experiences of sexual harassment on the Internet. By using a distinct visual language to express the negative impact of harassment, the work reflects social realities and engages the audience through empathy.

网络性骚扰是一个非常普遍的话题,但被广大公众普遍忽略。它似乎很容易被视为相对无害且没有后果的事情,但当人们遭受骚扰时的厌恶感确实是真实存在的。 这四本小册子借鉴了互联网上四次性骚扰的真实经验。 通过使用一种独特的视觉语言来表达骚扰的负面影响,该作品反映了社会现实,并希望人们在阅读的时候产生共情。